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engineered metal


Engineered Metal Products

Kizad’s vertically-integrated Engineered Metals Cluster has been masterplanned to offer metal manufacturing and fabrication industries significant commercial advantages, unprecedented levels of business efficiency, profitability and sustainability.


Kizad’s Engineered Metals Cluster brings together basic producers in the Aluminium, Steel and Petrochemicals/Chemicals Clusters together with downstream metals manufacturers in a single integrated environment. It will also play host to service providers such as laboratories and testing facilities, and industrial gas suppliers that all benefit from working closely with one another.  

For an industry with potentially high power requirements, Abu Dhabi’s low utility costs create a significant business advantage, helping to reduce overheads and boost profits for resident businesses.

While not a true vertically integrated cluster, the close proximity of downstream producers and service suppliers will generate business efficiencies which, supported by the low utility costs available at Kizad, will offer engineered metals companies the opportunity to be highly competitive in the market place.

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