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Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Abu Dhabi’s focus on health and its high population growth are twin drivers of its interest in the pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment industries.


Abu Dhabi’s focus on health which drives its interest in the pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment industries are laid out in Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.The Emirates high population growth is another driver which should encourage pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment companies to consider setting up in Kizad.

Pharmaceutical sales in the UAE exceeded US $1 billion in 2009, while the GCC market was valued at over US$8 billion. Forecasts suggest that this will grow between 4 and 5% annually.

Pharmaceuticals is a key industry for the GCC, which has specific health issues and rising demand for new and better treatments. The ability to develop and manufacture these locally will offer companies a significant advantage compared to the cost of importing and is an industry sector keenly supported by the Abu Dhabi Government. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will find in Kizad an environment focused on meeting the demands of a modern industry.

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