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Trade and Logistics

The trade and logistics operations necessary to support industries locating to Kizad is moving ahead and a Warehouse and Logistics Park is already under construction.


As the opening of Khalifa Port and Kizad moves closer by the day planning for the trade and logistics operations necessary to support industries in the Zone is moving ahead.
A Warehouse and Logistics Park is being developed in Kizad’s Area A for logistics units, comprising pre-built warehouses and leased land plots for occupiers and third party logistics providers to build their own facilities. The idea behind this project is to provide warehouses that meet the requirements of storage, cargo and other logistical operators within Kizad.

Investors will be able to lease land plots ranging in size from 15,000 sq m to 500,000 sq m within the 2.1 sq km Logistics Cluster in Area A.

The total land area allocated for pre-built warehouses is 400,000 sq m. Development of the warehouses is planned in two phases: the first phase will comprise 100,000 sq m of prebuilt warehouses with a mixture of modular units from 1,000 sq m. Each unit will provide for 10% of office content. The warehouses, to be developed will have a design efficiency of 90% and will be fitted with air-conditioned units and loading docks.

An investor planning to build his own warehouse and logistics facility will be granted a long-term Land Agreement; whereas an investor interested in prebuilt facilities, both standard and bespoke, will be entitled to enter a long-term Lease Agreement.

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