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Operative Staff Accommodation


Based on the total employment forecast for Kizad, it is envisaged that approximately 120,000 employees plus their families, where appropriate, will require accommodation within the industrial Zone. Kizad is developing a range of accommodation options, all of which will be located in Area B and which will be aimed principally at permanent ‘blue collar’ type workers.

Location and Capacity

All accommodation will be located within one of four self-contained ‘workers cities’ in the centre of Area B. The cities will each house up to 30,000 people and each be segmented into workers’ villages capable of accommodating approximately 5,000 people per village

Available Amenities

Kizad’s Operative Staff Accomodation will be self contained providing a wide range of amenities and services including religious, health, recreational, retail and entertainment facilities. Facilities will generally be a higher grade than traditionally found in regional workforce accommodation reflecting the permanent nature of the accommodation and the demands of Kizad investors.

Housing Types

The accommodation strategy allocates specific housing types for each category of employee ranging from Villas for senior management, townhouses for middle management, apartments and studios for skilled workers and single / shared rooms in workers villages.  The first villages will cater for ‘blue collar’ workers, houses typically in single, double and 4 person rooms.

For anchor tenants it will be possible to design bespoke Operative Staff Accommodation requirements subject to the investor’s brief, affordability and compliance with the principles of the masterplan and relevant authorities.