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Delivering an industrial zone that fuels Abu Dhabi’s economic engine and establishes it as a source of pride for the nation is the ultimate objective. In achieving this, however, we are determined to minimise the local environmental impact.

Sustainability Plan

Kizad’s approach involves a Sustainability Plan to integrate sound practices and environmental protection into the Industrial Zone’s operation in order to preserve the quality and integrity of the environment both within and beyond the zone. Kizad will uphold environmental protection standards by working with all customers to ensure responsible environmental initiatives, technologies, processes and practices are implemented throughout the industrial zone.

Waste Management

An integrated waste management system and strategy for the provision of efficient, safe, and commercially profitable waste disposal is planned. The initiative will involve recycling operations and services that are designed to the highest environmental standards, improving the efficiency of municipal, industrial and hazardous waste.

Environmental Stewardship

These initiatives are exemplified by the design of Khalifa Port, which won ‘The Environment Protection Award’ in the Seatrade Middle East and Indian Subcontinent Awards 2010. This was awarded for efforts to protect the Ras Ghanada corals and marine ecosystem, and the construction of a US$ 240 million environmental breakwater to further protect marine life. One of a number of awards this signifies the commitment to environmental stewardship by going far beyond the borders of the Industrial Zone.