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Welcome to Kizad, the industrial zone of tomorrow.

From the outset, Kizad has been a cornerstone of Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. It is the means by which a number of ambitious, long-term targets will be delivered, and marks a substantial drive towards diversification of the economy in pursuit of sustainable growth less dependent on the oil and gas industries. Its purpose is, in part, to create the range and number of opportunities necessary to recruit, retain and develop local and skilled expatriate talent to build a sustainable knowledge economy whilst reducing reliance on unskilled labour. Kizad will set new standards for industrial zone infrastructure, environment and operation, reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s global competitive advantage.

When we think of the future, We usually think of a young aspirational generation growing up, deciding where they will work and what their professional line of business will be. One of the most exciting projects we have ever had the pleasure of being a part of is the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi because, quite simply, it encompasses all our aspirations for the future.

Kizad is an integral part of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. With industry at the heart of its diversification program, this Vision sets a clear roadmap to achieve sustainable growth of the Emirate’s economy and the prosperity of its people. With its massive prime industrial land and world-class infrastructure, Kizad is a clear testament of the Government of Abu Dhabi’s seriousness to create a wealth of opportunities on a global scale for all of us.Kizad offers local and international investors easy access to local, regional and international markets, within a low operating cost environment and a meticulously designed setting to make doing business easy. Kizad is set to transform the way industrial zones help businesses become and sustain success.

Kizad’s strategic location, linking East with the West, coupled with its multi-modal transportation infrastructure by sea, air, road and rail, gives your business clear advantages by having easy and efficient access to over 4.5 billion consumers within four time zones. An offer that only few can make. 

With vertically integrated clusters, competitive lease prices and some of the lowest utility costs in the world all under a tax-free umbrella, Kizad is offering your business unparalleled, long term competitive commercial advantages.

To support our investors we have our very own “One Stop Shop” or OSS business services concept. The objective is to deliver unprecedented value and convenience by facilitating relationships with government and licensing authorities, including utility companies. Through the OSS we are on a continuous mission to ensure you receive faster turnaround times on applications and approvals.An array of supporting services and facilities are also on offer, providing exceptional levels of efficiency, profitability and ease of doing business in a modern and stable Emirate with a favorable fiscal regime and an attractive lifestyle.

Above all, Kizad presents investors and businesses around the world a unique opportunity to benefit from and participate in the prosperity created by Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030. Be a part of this vision, be a partner in our Emirate’s industrial boom.

Welcome to Kizad, the industrial zone of tomorrow.

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