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Industrial Project Application (IPA)

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    Guidelines for completing the industrial Project Application (I/P) Application Form



    Please read the below instructions before completing this Form. A separate application form is required for each project:

    • This application form can be used for Industrial Projects only. For Logistics Projects, please use the Logistics Project (L/P) Application Form. Kindly contact our staff members for other queries.
    • Please select the type of project: Free Zone or Non Free Zone. Free zone projects are generally for applicants who wish to have more than 49% ownership by non-UAE and non-GCC nationals.
    • When an entry is marked as “Optional”, you may provide the information if available.
    • Please feel free to attach additional information, studies or reports to your application form.
    • The completed Application Form must be submitted along with the required documents and processing fee.
    • For more information, please contact us at , our website or call us on Toll Free: +971 800102030

    Section1 | Applicant Details

    Please provide your contact details and relationship with the applicant company. These will be used for all future communications.

    Section2 | Proposed Project Details

    • Briefly describe the industrial / production activities for your proposed project
    • List the main products and services to be offered
    • Information about Raw Materials and Output will help us better understand the supply chain of your industry
    • Volumes and capacity figures shall be based on full production capacity
    • Workforce: Indicate the number of people you will be employing at full capacity as well as the number of shifts.

    Section3 | Land Requirement & Facility Details

    The below table provides essential guidelines and ratios to consider when estimating the total land requirements for your project (these are guidelines only and full compliance is required with Kizad Rules & Regulations and all applicable laws and regulations).

    Regulation Maximum Permitted Calculation Method
    Maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) 0.44 Built-up Area / Plot Area
    Maximum Height –Industries 22m, 5 stories
    Maximum Height – Warehousing 22m (up to 40m may be permitted)
    Regulation High impact industries General impact industries Calculation Method
    Maximum Building Setbacks
     15m 6m Measurement
    Maximum Coverage (60%)
    44% + 0.2% storage Surface Exploitation / Plot Area

    Section4 | Utilities

    The below table illustrates the utility standards and conversion factors to assist you in estimating your project’s utilities requirements.

    Utility Definition Standard Units & Conversion Factor
    Electricity Connected load supplied in various voltage levels
    (LV, MV, HV) based on occupier demands
    Standard units in Mega Watt(MW)
    1 MW =1,000 kW 1 MW = 1,250kVA


    Drinking water used for domestic purposes
    (kitchen, toilets etc.)
    Standard unit is Cubic Meters per Day (m3/day)
    1 m3/day = 220 GPD. Avg. consumption is 80 liters / person/ day
    Desalinated water for industrial purposes Standard unit is Cubic Meters per Day (m3/day).  1 m3day = 220 GPD
    Natural gas for fuel use
    (not for power generation).
    Standard unit is Standard Cubic Feet per Day (SCFD)
    1 MMBTU = 1,000 SCFD     1 Nm3/day = 35.33 SCFD
    No inputs are required, however, please note that the design requirements by Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company mandate pre-treatment and reuse/recycle of Industrial Waste Water allowing no more than 20% Process Water discharge into the ADSSC network. 90% of Potable Water discharge is permitted.


    1. Applicant Details

    • Please provide your contact details and relationship with the applicant company. These will be used for all future communications.

    2. Proposed Project Details

    • Note: Briefly describe the nature, activities and process that will be conducted at site during operation.
      • Daily Shifts
      • Number of shifts per day
      • 24 Hour Operations
      • Total Projected Workforce Number
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    3. Land Requirements & Facility Details

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    4. Utilities (Power & Water Requirements)

      • Water Demand - Imperial Gallons Per Day (GPD) (Conversion factor: 1m3/day = 220 GPD)
      • Do you require Sea Water cooling
      • For Waste

    Checklist Attachments

    • Please attach the below to ensure timely processing of your application
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