OSS at Kizad pushes the limits to acquire faster building permits for their investors

01 July 2013

As part of Kizad’s continued drive to refine their One Stop Shop (OSS) business services concept, Kizad recently signed MOUs with the Department of Economic Development, the Industrial Development Bureau, the Urban Planning Council as well as the Civil Defense and Abu Dhabi Customs.

In addition; a new agreement with the Department of Transport (DoT) is currently executed which allows Kizad to claim an even faster turnaround for investor building permit applications. The agreement removes one more additional step for investors applying for building permits through the OSS.  This means Kizad’s OSS will now also be allowed to upload approvals to submitted circulation plans directly onto the DoT portal, effectively eliminating one more cog in the wheel.

In terms of time, this means that the building permit review cycle has been reduced from a 28-34 week cycle down to 14-28 weeks.

The OSS delivered 65 government services, 144 ADPC employee services and 122 technical review services so far this year. Over 200 meetings were set up with various investors and Government stakeholders to find ways to further reduce processing times and facilitate the investors journey towards acquiring building permits.

 In terms of NOCs Kizad has reduced the number required from 51 down to only 35 now. The goal is clear:

to constantly provide the best for customers, investors and stakeholders and make their experience as smooth as possible.

So far the OSS supports all investors who have signed SMAs with Kizad. The fact that the OSS have access to the Abu Dhabi Municipality portal to view investor progress with regards to building permits allows for real time update and progress reports to their investors. An invaluable tool for investors to be able to plan ahead.

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download our brochure