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Finding the ideal location for your business and helping you secure the funding you need are the priorities of the Kizad management team.

Making sure companies find their optimum location within Kizad is of paramount importance. The first step to satisfying this aim is for interested parties to fill out either of the following forms:


Industrial Project Application (IPA) Industrial Project Application (IPA)

Logistics Project Application (LPA) Logistics Project Application (LPA)

Technical Project Details (IP) Technical Project Details (IP)

WL Application Form (WLA) WL Application Form (WLA)

Processing stages for Land application

  • These applications are referred to the Plot Allocation Committee, which assigns the best unit or plot for the applicant’s business.
  • Talks between the applicant and Kizad before reaching a final agreement on the venture being established in the Industrial Zone.
  • Applicant may opt for a Preliminary Agreement allowing time to complete the required conditions precedent, or move on to signing the final agreement, for which, Kizad has developed a bankable instrument that enhances access to third party finance and investment.

Processing stages for Pre-built space application

  • Applications for pre-built space (warehouses and offices) undergo a technical and financial review before Kizad agrees the appropriate unit(s) with the occupier before issuing an offer.
  • Offers will either be for a reservation agreement or an agreement for lease. Reservation agreement is a simple agreement where Kizad agrees to hold a given unit(s) for a particular. Lease agreement is a contract where Kizad agrees to deliver a certain unit(s) to a given design, specification and delivery date.
  • Occupier agrees to sign an occupational lease, which has been pre-agreed, on completion of the unit.